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  One Night in A Bar

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  This book contains sexually explicit content which is only suitable for mature readers. This story has a heat rating of Total-e-burning and a sexometer of 2.

  This story contains 51 pages, additionally there is also a free excerpt at the end of the book containing 10 pages.


  Louisa Masters

  Ever had a one-night stand who didn’t want to go away? What happens when your one-nighter comes back into your life…?

  Karen comes home unexpectedly to find her boyfriend cheating on her with her (male) boss, and another man. Can she really be blamed for pulling out the Mace when they invite her to join in?

  She mourns the loss of her job at a bar, gets a little tipsy…and, somehow, ends up having sex in an alley with tall, dark and sexy Daniel. Something she’s never done before. Good thing they’ll never see each other again, right?


  One month into a new job, she lands a fabulous new client, world-renowned sculptor Crogan. Except, Daniel Crogan turns out to be her one-hour stand. And professionalism is the last thing on his mind.

  What’s a girl to do in this situation? Should she insist on a working relationship only, or give in to the demands of her body? And what happens when Daniel wants to sculpt her…in the nude?


  Jon and Mala,

  Your relationship is truly an inspiration.

  Thank you so much for your support—I love you both more than I can say.

  Your Lily xxx

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  Mace: Mace Security International

  Chapter One

  His body was hard against hers, his hands trailing fire as they slid down her back and settled low on her hips. Karen stroked her fingers up the nape of his neck, twining them through the silky strands of his dark hair. She’d never really understood what dirty dancing was. Her stomach flipped somersaults, and, lower, her pussy clenched in anticipation.

  She licked her lips, tipping her face up to his. His heavy-lidded eyes burned hot as he lowered his head. He kissed her, lips soft, goatee brushing the skin around her mouth as tingles ran down her spine. His mouth opened and his tongue traced over her lips and suddenly she was no longer thinking about anything—there was only heat and sensation and sex. His dick was hard and pulsing against her pelvis and she pressed against it, undulating. His grip tightened on her hips and he ground into her, making her knees weak.

  By the time he lifted his head, she was putty. His dark, dark gaze roamed over her face, sending fire through her body, and her pussy wept over his sexy smile.

  “Do you want to go for a walk?” His gravel and whisky voice sent shivers down her spine. “Maybe find somewhere more private?”

  She jerked her head in a nod. She leaned into him as they threaded through the other couples on the dance floor. He paused at the edge, slid an arm around her and glanced around the room.

  “This way.” He guided her towards the short corridor that led to the bathrooms, stopping at a door marked ‘Exit’. He pushed the metal bar and seconds later they were in an alley. His mouth descended on hers as he backed her against the wall. She struggled to get him closer.

  “Daniel,” she gasped, grinding her pelvis against him, “hurry up!”

  He choked out a laugh as he yanked her top down, exposing her breasts. She moaned as the silky hair on his face brushed her sensitive skin, and yelped when he grazed his teeth over her nipple. He laved her with his tongue and settled in with a strong, womb-tugging suckling. She let her head fall back against the wall. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew she’d have a bruise later, but she didn’t care. She fisted her hands in his hair and enjoyed the sensations he stirred in her.

  He switched from one breast to the other, allowing cool night air to touch her damp, newly exposed nipple. “Urngh!” Combined with the hot, wet pull of his mouth at her other breast, the sensation had her inner muscles clamping down desperately. Grabbing his shoulders, she pushed her pelvis into his and wrapped her leg awkwardly around him, needing the pressure of his cock against her pussy. He broke away from her breast and ran his hands down her sides, over her hips, removing her leg from his body despite her noises of protest. When he knelt before her, she shut up. Is he going to…? He lifted her skirt and yanked at her panties. She pumped her hips, cream sliding from her in anticipation. She’d only ever been eaten out once, and she’d loved it.

  Daniel’s hot hands grasped her hips, and he laved her navel, causing her stomach muscles to spasm wildly. He licked his way down her abdomen, and she shivered as his breath fanned across her skin. He paused.

  “Daniel!” The groan tore from her throat. He tipped his head back and his dark eyes met hers, just visible in the gloom of the alley.

  “Patience, Karen.” The rasp of his voice had an amused edge. If she hadn’t been so desperate for his mouth, she could have strangled him.

  Then his hand was on her thigh, opening, lifting her leg onto his shoulder, and his mouth was there, hot, wet, open, dragging over her clit, his tongue stroking tantalisingly. She knotted her hands in his hair, yanking him harder against her as he lapped at her. The combination of his tongue, his teeth and the silky texture of his goatee sent her wild, a keening sound bursting from her lips before she could help herself. Her hips bucked uncontrollably in his grasp. He licked a path up her slit, and this time his fingers followed, teasing their way towards her cunt, then sliding smoothly inside. Her inner muscles, until now, starved for attention, instantly clenched and spasmed around him as he continued to lavish attention on her with his mouth.

  Then he was gone, leaving her bereft and panting, desperate for fulfilment. “Daniel…?”

  “I’m here.” She heard rustling. Forcing her eyes to focus, she made out his form, moving in the dim light.

  “Come back here.” It was unquestionably a demand and his chuckle only inflamed her more.

  “Just a second, babe. Gotta take care of things.” Then he was back, pressing her into the cold concrete. He placed a hand on her ass and forced her hips to tilt upwards and he slid into her. Her thick cream made it easy, even as her muscles clenched around him, gripping him tight.

  They moaned in unison, a long, drawn out sound. For moment they stayed still, hard up against the wall. Then Daniel shifted,