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Louisa Masters Book Series

The Athlete and the AristocratRetired championship footballer Simon and Lucien, heir to a multibillion-euro company, are working together on a football charity... and lighting some fires privately. But can their romance survive public scrutiny?
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I've Got ThisFor theme park director Derek and Broadway performer Trav, going from enemies to lovers while distracted by a murder, food poisoning, and colleagues placing bets on their relationship won't be easy.
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The Bunny and the BillionaireSpending their fortunes and losing their hearts. Hardworking Australian nurse Ben Adams inherits a substantial sum and decides to tour Europe. In Monaco, the home of glamour and the idle rich, he meets French billionaire playboy Léo Artois. After getting off on the wrong foot—as happens when one accuses a stranger of being part of the Albanian mafia—their attraction blazes. Léo, born to the top tier of society, has never known limits, and Ben, used to budgeting every cent, finds it difficult to adjust to not only Léo’s world, but also the changes wealth brings to his own life. As they make allowances for each other’s foibles, Ben gradually appreciates the finer things, and Léo widens his perspective. They both know one thing: this is not a typical holiday romance and they’re not ready to say goodbye.
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O Hell, All Ye ShoppersEthan and Ty meet in hell itself: a specialty store for women, in the biggest mall in Australia, on the busiest shopping day of the year. After fighting for freedom, they're not ready to part ways.
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Trials and Tribulations of Online DatingFriends with benefits never looked so tempting…Samantha Hasting is a woman sick of living in a rut. Her whole life revolves around her work and her best friends. Wanting to meet new people—including a man who makes her heart beat faster—she signs up for online dating.As Sam embarks on her dating adventures, her best friend—and friend with benefits—Levi is her constant, a shoulder to cry on and buddy to laugh with. It's only after she meets and starts dating Jack that she realizes maybe Levi means more to her than she'd thought. Maybe the man who makes her heart beat faster was right there all along.
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One Night in A Bar©Copyright Louisa Masters 2012 Cover Art by Posh Gosh ©Copyright 2012 Total-E-Bound Publishing All rights reserved ISBN# 978-1-78184-027-6
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